Chaussures SIDI Trace noir rouge

Chaussures SIDI Trace noir rouge

Tailles : 43-44-45
Prix moyen généralement constaté : 159.95 €
135,00 €
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Chaussures SIDI Trace noir rouge


The “politex” material is constructed of several overlapping layers with different physical-mechanical properties, the compacted PVC is then coupled to two fabrics (knitted fabric + felt) that is then is film dyed for long-lasting color retention. “Politex” offers strong resistance to ripping, laceration, stretching and fading. “Politex” is made in strict compliance with European regulations and is a totally “green” product.


Tailles : 43-44-45

Chaussures VTT Sidi Eagle 5 Fit Noire

Paire de chaussures mat

Taille 42

PMGC : 189 €
127,00 €
Chaussures SIDI EAGLE 7 noir

Tailles : de 42 à 45

PMGC : 189.95 €
149,00 €

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